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Children are born creative.

They are inquisitive, curious and adventurous. They make connections sometimes unusual and absurd. It’s just how they learn. Growing up, they begin to conform and by and by they shed some of their natural creative abilities.

Welcome to YUVA - a new creative playground for children (ages 4-10).

YUVA provides creative minds with an enriched environment that fosters play with shapes, stimulates creativity through active participation, and encourages sharing with friends and family.

Engage your child or a child you know in YUVA's creative process. Foster your child's ability to come up with the unexpected. Stimulate him or her to relate and connect disparate things, maybe in unusual and striking ways.

In our creative playground children are active participants. They can freely explore and understand shapes - the alphabet of our visual world. There is no correct or wrong answer. There are only possibilities.

Through play, your child will understand his or her world. And through the process of creation, your child will express his or her new understanding. You could call YUVA as a catalyst for self-expression.

Sharing or showcasing a creation is another important step in a creative process. It is about getting validation and affirmation. It builds confidence and nurtures a child's pursuits. YUVA encourages all our artists to share and seek response. We have built into YUVA a looping mechanism so friends and family can respond directly into the child's sketchbook.

» PLAY is fun. Explore visual elements and discover their inter-relationships.
» CREATE to express ideas.
» SHARE to engage with friends and family to garner response.

Answers to some commonly asked questions:

More about YUVA, Kids and Grownups:

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Kids like YUVA
» YUVA is cool!
» I can make any drawing I like with these shapes – sharks, robots, houses, cartoon characters… anything!
» I can send my drawings to my friends and to Grandma and they write and tell me what they like

Parents like YUVA
» I love innovative tools for children - YUVA makes my child think and create using their imagination
» I like looking at the Sketchbook to see my child's ideas and to see the variety of the drawings
» It's a wonderful activity for us to share – we draw together and send custom greetings to family and friends

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